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Project Management and Request for Proposal, Quote & Information Response Consulting

What if you are already successful and are looking to take on a large project and grow quickly?

Small business consulting is not just for businesses that are struggling, in fact the primary purpose of consulting is to help businesses that are doing well to take the next big step forward. We at Kairos want to help prepare you with the resources, tools, and support that you need to confidently seek out those large clients, huge orders, or respond to large requests for proposals/quotes/information (RFP/Q/I). Kairos specializes in project management, so we are well prepared to not only help you get that big order, but also to help you fulfill that obligation once you win it.

The growth and expansion that comes from taking on a huge order causes issues for small businesses that can be a barrier to you taking that step on your own.  

To Kairos, “consulting” means to spend time getting to know you and understanding not only how you conduct your business operations, but we also take the time to understand “why” you do what you do. All too often, small business consultants try to force businesses to change their operations in ways that go against the business owner’s fundamental principles, or to reduce expenses and become more efficient.  Kairos understands that squeezing every penny out of your customers might not be your mission, so we take the time to understand where you are trying to grow and expand, and we work with you to get you where you want to be.

Once we understand your mission and your fundamental business principles, we will help you determine which areas of your business are too small to handle that large growth step and we will work with you do develop a plan to provide you with the resources necessary for that initial order, and we will help you to acquire your own assets to build up those weaker areas of your business, so you can take those responsibilities over internally.  

Kairos can provide:

RFP/Q/I Response and Bid Response
Plans (Strategic, Tactical, and/or Operational)
Temporary Management (Executive, Mid-Level, Operational)
Temporary Staff
Innovative Project Development

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