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Emergency Consulting for Schools


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Emergenc Readinss Consulting

Emergency Readiness Consulting

Emergencies take many forms: power outages, partial or full destruction of your facility, pandemics, to everything in between; affectionately termed, “All Hazards”. Emergency Readiness is a complex, all hazards program that requires expertise and experience to mitigate the effects of emergencies when they strike. The problem for many businesses and government entities is that maintaining these programs at the level needed to be effective can be extremely challenging and expensive. Kairos Business Solutions has assembled and trained our Emergency Managers under our core principles of flexibility and communication and stand ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to do everything from coordinating a full Emergency Operations Center staffing and response; to providing guidance and expertise for any of the five areas of Emergency Management: Plans, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery.

Kairos Business Solutions can help you put together all the plans necessary for your unique environment, including Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), Active Shooter Response Plan, Remote Work Plan, Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), Incident Action Plans (IAP), Fire Evacuation Plan, Bomb Threat Action Plan, Chemical or Hazardous Material Plan, or any other plan unique to your environment. Our professional plan writers can also help you write up more general business plans such as Whole Community or Diversity and Inclusion Plans or specific plans for which you can provide the necessary information required for the plan.

Planning is only one area of Kairos’s expertise though; we can also assess your facility for physical protective equipment (Protection) and we can conduct all your annual emergency training and exercises (Mitigation). For more information regarding our extensive classes, courses, and training programs, please refer to the Training Department.

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Active Threat Response
Emergency Escape Plan

ARC Active Shooter Consulting

The KMI Group, Inc. is a partner company of Kairos Business Solution, Inc. The KMI Group was co-founded by Mr. Dinaro and focuses primarily on helping to mitigate active shooter incidences on schools, religious institutions, and businesses. The KMI Group is not just a consulting firm, we also provide turn-key services to fulfill all your needs, from assessments to finished plans and continued operational training. The KMI Group utilizes the Emergency Management principles of Plan, Protect, Mitigate, Respond, and Recover as a guide to our services.

We can conduct a full scope threat and vulnerability assessment (Risk Assessment) on your building or structure and provide you with any or all of our services; we can: (Plan) - review and/or develop your emergency plans and provide you with new complete plans; (Protect) - order and install protective barriers and equipment for your building, (Mitigate) - train your staff on the implementation of your plans; train armed guards or designated response personnel in firearms handling, marksmanship, and tactical response procedures; (Recovery) - and finally we will connect you with mental health experts in the field of post active shooter and post-traumatic stress who will help you get your staff and business back to being operational in the safest way possible.


Should you experience an active shooter event after contracting out services, we will personally work with you and your facility to get you back to being operational, by reviewing all the Emergency Management stages and providing you with a full review and report at no additional cost to you.

Emergency Training

Kairos Business Solutions knows that the most important resource in any business is your labor force and that high quality training is the key to unlocking their full potential. We offer training courses in Emergency Management and Response, Active Shooter Response, and we also offer some incredible, proprietary classes on Deception Detection and Interrogation, due solely to the unique experience and skills that Mr. Dinaro brings to Kairos.

Emergency Management:

Active Shooter:

The Empathy Technique (Deception Detection and Interrogation):

  • The Science of Deception: The Art of Detection

  • The Science of Deception: The Art of Interrogation

CPR Training
Emergency Training
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